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Charleston Artist Collective- Giving

The Charleston Artist Collective is committed to giving a portion of sales to a specified charity.
 It is important to our group as local artists and community members to contribute back to our community.

For the month of December a percentage of art sales benefits:

Together SC serves the thousands of South Carolinians dedicated to community service, leadership, and caring through nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. 

Together SC is comprised of 700+ member organizations that consist of thought leaders, agents of change, and trusted, vital community advocates.  It is the only statewide membership organization focused on bringing together South Carolina's leaders and partners to strengthen the state's entire nonprofit community. 

Constantly adapting to the changing landscape of the nonprofit world, Together SC empowers S.C’s nonprofits and their allies to become integral partners in successfully building vibrant, equitable communities.

We believe that well-managed and responsibly governed nonprofits result in stronger, healthier communities. 

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