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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am local to Charleston, SC or Atlanta, GA and don't want to pay shipping on my order. How do I purchase a painting online without paying shipping?

We offer a free in-store pickup option if you are local to the Charleston or Atlanta area. You will see the option to select store pick-up or shipping at checkout.

**We only have physical store front locations in Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA and this option only applies for these two stores **

2. Does all of the new work that goes live online on the first of the month also go on display in the store (in Charleston/Atlanta) the first of the month?

Not all of the new work on our website is on display in our studio on the first of the month. We have artists delivering work weekly, but cannot guarantee all new pieces will be in store the day they are available online. The studio functions as a show room and has limited space. We switch around paintings on display as they sell. All of our artists are local so we can easily get paintings in the studio for you to see per email request. Just give us 24 hour notice!

3. I am an artist. How do I get involved?

We are a collective of artists which means we are a group that produces new work on a monthly basis around a monthly theme. There is limited space and openings to join the Collective happen when a member decides to leave. This timeline is unpredictable and varied. We also require that artists are local to either Charleston, Atlanta, Nashville, or DC as it is part of our mission to represent artists local to these areas.

We are always excited to see new work and consider new artists for future openings! We have an artist application on our website where we invite any interested artists to apply. We review applications quarterly. 

4. I want to see a painting in my space before I decide to purchase it. How do I do this?

We offer the option of taking work on approval if you are local to the area. We require contact information and a credit card to keep on file for the time the artwork is on approval. Please visit us in store if you'd like to try a piece of art in your space. 

5. I am a designer. Do I get a discount on art purchases?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount with proof of your business license.

6. If I don't like a painting I purchased, can I get a refund? 

We really hope you are happy with your purchase! But yes, you can return your painting within 14 days for a refund or exchange if the painting is returned completely undamaged and is re-sellable. Email us at to get started.

7. How do I commission an artist to do a painting for me?

Just about all of our artists do commissions! Send us an email to get started.

You can contact us by city:




8. How do I see the work that was online last month?

You can click the "All Artwork" tab on the menu bar and filter by size, Artist, or previous months! You can also access all available work by one artist by clicking on their artist portrait on the home page.

9. I am a charity or non-profit. How do I get sponsored?

We would love to hear from you! Part of our mission is to support local charities by donating a portion of art sales. Charities are selected by the Collective as a whole and the charity each location supports changes every two months. If you are a charity/non-profit local to Charleston, Atlanta, Nashville, or DC and want to work with us, send us an email!

You can contact us by city:






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