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About Nashville Artist Collective

The Nashville Artist Collective is an online gallery that provides a platform for local artists to grow their potential and to provide collectors, young or experienced, access to affordable original art. The Nashville Artist Collective sprung from the Charleston Artist Collective which was founded in 2010. The Charleston Artist Collective has grown to 15 local area artists and has given over $100k to local charities. Together, Nashville Artist Collective, Atlanta Artist Collective, Charleston Artist Collective and Capital Artist Collective are committed to making art part of daily life and to be a catalyst for greater collection, exhibition and appreciation of original art.




Collectives are significant to the Artists' practice by providing a vehicle for combining inspiration, ideals and approaches. Creativity loves company!


Mission Statement

Our mission of the Nashville Artist Collective is to provide an platform for local artists to grow their potential and to provide collectors, young or experienced, access to original affordable art while giving back to Nashville area non-profits and organizations. Consultation and Showings: If you wish to see a painting in person, please contact us and we will make it happen.


How it Works 

Each month the artists paint their interpretation of a theme chosen by the Collective as a whole. The "themed" paintings are then available for sale online and five percent benefits the designated local charity. Creativity has a conscience! If you would like to nominate a charity, please email



Every piece is original! Majority of our paintings are sold unframed because we believe framing is personal. You may choose something rustic, modern, or classic. Framing your piece gives it the personality that you choose. We are happy to help you frame your piece, just contact us! The paintings are typically either gallery wrapped or on flat canvas panel.


Shipping and Tax 

Any sales within the state of Tennessee are subject to a 7% sales tax. All paintings are subject to a shipping and handling charge (starting at $15) based on size and weight of the work. All sales are processed through Shopify and will be shipped via the USPS, FEDEX or UPS within one week. Please contact with any questions.



Thank you for visiting the Nashville Artist Collective website. I wanted to bring this website to Nashville to showcase some of the amazing emerging artists in our wonderful city. The opportunity to showcase their talent in an innovative and accessible online gallery appeals to me as a working mother, as well as a creative who doesn’t have as much “on the street” time to support the arts as I would like. In addition, our partnership with non-profits in the Nashville area provides an avenue to benefit our community in a meaningful and exciting way through the online sales of these fabulous paintings.

Art has been a big part of my life, both in my career choices, my hobbies and, of course, my home. I grew up in New Orleans, a city where craftsmanship and beauty abound, and the arts are celebrated above all. I came to Nashville as a Vanderbilt undergrad and fell in love with the city, the music and a boy. Nashville has been home ever since and I am incredibly proud to share a small part of our vibrant city with the world.

I am honored to represent these compelling artists and their unique work. I hope you will enjoy our collection and return again soon!

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